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The Wall - New edition


The new edition of a wonderful successful book, which teaches children the importance and value of integration by telling the story of a King who, having fallen from the throne, realizes that his kingdom, once populated by Blue faces, is now inhabited by faces of every color. He then decides to return to the past and separate his people from the "foreigners", driving them away and ordering the construction of a wall. Soon, however, he realizes that his every wish can only be realized with the help of the colorful faces he had pushed away. The King then orders the demolition of the wall and, recognizing the value of integration between peoples, manages to recreate a kingdom that lives in harmony.

The Wall helps to spread a positive message with great emotional impact by presenting the story through original images and essential texts: inside, a real pop-up "wall" makes the work truly unique.

From the authors of the best seller Puntino, a book to learn the value of integration

Reasons of interest:

  • A book of highly original conception, focused on the values ​​of integration and solidarity.
  • A very timely work for adults and children, a message suitable for readers of all ages.
  • A pop up wall that opens between the pages of the book helps to make the story even more evocative.

Format: 24.5 x 33.1 cm
40 pages + Pop Up
4 color printing
ISBN: 9782889354269

Giancarlo Macri, actor and musician, is one of the founders of Banda Osiris, with which he produces musical shows, participates in numerous television programmes, writes radio programmes, records CDs and composes soundtracks which receive prestigious awards (Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and David di Donatello).

Carolina Zanotti is a journalist specializing in music and theatre. He collaborates with entertainment magazines and has written various children's stories. Both have created several children's books for NuiNui and are authors of the best-seller Puntino.

Sacco and Vallarino, Mauro and Elisa, have been working as freelance illustrators since 1997, collaborating with companies, publishing houses and communication and advertising agencies. For years they have dedicated themselves to the study and teaching of calligraphy. They are also illustration teachers at IED Turin.