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The Yōkai Realm - New artwork from the Yumoto Kōichi Collection


The first book of the trilogy on the yōkai-themed works of the Yumoto Kōichi Collection contained a small part of the enormous quantity of materials present in the collection, of which this second volume presents a wider choice. In the first chapter, "The world of yōkai art", in addition to encountering classic scroll paintings, curious discoveries will be made, such as some experimental or unfinished works and sketches accompanied by color instructions. The second chapter, "Yōkai in prints", focuses on the woodcuts of the Edo period, a time in which yōkai art spread throughout the world and to the general public thanks to the reproducibility of these woodblock prints. The third chapter, "The yōkai of things", finally collects figurative materials on different supports, created when the vitality of the yōkai had become so explosive as to make them spread beyond the confines of the paper world to transpose them onto various types of articles: clothing, accessories, elements of the sword kit and much more.

Reasons of interest:

  • From the collection of the greatest Japanese collector, the art of y ō kai in its most varied and unusual forms
  • A rich selection of unique and original works: painted scrolls, color prints and incredible everyday objects
  • An extraordinary visual and plastic representation of Japanese monsters and ghosts, lords of an imaginary and enchanted world
  • A fantastic kaleidoscope through which to observe the ever-changing creatures that populate the folklore of ancient Japan

Format: 183 × 263 mm
Paperback with dust jacket
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9782889750146
October 24, 2022

YUMOTO KOICHI Born in 1950, he was artistic curator of the Kawasaki City Museum and continues today to deal with materials related to the y ō kai as a researcher, collector, university professor and teacher in various specialization courses.