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The Dragon Leap

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If you happen to spend your winter holidays in San Marcuzius, I recommend room 203 at the Hotel Edelweiss. By opening the window of that room, you will see right in front of you a trampoline on which children have fun performing acrobatic jumps on skis every day. That trampoline is called "the dragon's leap" because of a strange story that dates back many, many years ago... Only by reading this fairy tale will you discover what is hidden behind such an unusual name and you will be able to meet the brave, little protagonists of a truly extraordinary adventure. But you will also meet a fearsome dragon, who isn't really that bad after all, if you know how to take it... the right way!

Reasons of interest:

  • A magical fairy tale, an unforgettable adventure in a fascinating high mountain environment
  • Plates with illustrations in a personal style, which echoes the essentiality of oriental paintings

23.5 × 34.6cm
40 pages
4-colour printing. HARDCOVER
ISBN 978 2 88935 158 9

SEPPYO, French illustrator, was born in Savoy. Of his land, he loves the mountainous landscapes, the natural sceneries and the snowy panoramas which are found in his works with a rarefied atmosphere, where the influence of oriental art is also felt strongly: an essential and spontaneous, but very current art, which it has always been his source of inspiration. Different ideas which, elaborated and fused together, converge in an original path summarized in the pseudonym with which he signs, Seppyo, which in Japanese means "frozen snow".