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I am Steve Jobs - My life as a visionary genius


This imaginary biography, carefully documented and full of interesting and entertaining details, tells in an immediate style the life and inventions of a sacred monster of technology, a brilliant creator of tools that have radically changed our lives: the icon of a era, but also a controversial, bizarre and complicated personality. A man who tried to make his dreams come true using his brain to the maximum and who managed to build an industrial giant starting from nothing. Now that Apple is one of the largest public companies, it's easy to think of him as a brilliant innovator, but Jobs also swam against the tide for years before finding success.


  • A simple but captivating language to expose important content
  • Agile and compelling texts, based on historical sources and played in an autobiographical key
  • Colorful and evocative tables that interpret the contents of the story with grace and imagination, stimulating the imagination and inviting young readers to identify with the protagonist



Alberto Bertolazzi has collaborated with various newspapers and created numerous illustrated volumes. His debut as a novelist was in 2011, with the title Rugby will save the world. He played numerous sports, some at a competitive level, others as an amateur. He has been a diving instructor, president of an amateur football club, coach and instructor of youth football and rugby teams. He has also collaborated in the drafting of educational and informative volumes dedicated to approaching sport.

Carlotta Notaro, illustrator and animator, attended the European Institute of Design in Rome, graduating in Illustration and Animation in 2017.

He has developed a recognizable style by mixing pencils and digital color, creating images and animations with a unique and refined look. After working for a few years on illustrations for children's magazines through the Lemonade Illustration Agency, he decided to continue as a freelancer: his current projects range from illustrations to gifs and music videos. In 2019, on the occasion of Chinese New Year, he designed an animation for the 8k cVision giant screen, located in one of the busiest intersections in Hong Kong, under the eyes of thousands of passers-by. More recently she has focused on publishing and produced illustrations for the book Roberto e le idee danzante by Colibrì-Giunti Editore.