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I am a Triceratops - my life as a little dinosaur

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Jacopo is a lively and curious little Triceratops, but this is a problem. His mother scolds him: the world of dinosaurs is a dangerous place for a young herbivore weighing only two tons! He would like to have pointed horns and superb feathers like the adults, but for now he only has small hairs on his back. He would like to leave the line when he moves with his pack, but the adults keep an eye on him. He would like to sleep alone, but mom doesn't want to. In short, a beard! But… there's a big but. In these beautifully illustrated pages, thanks to the engaging pop up formula, Jacopo will tell you live how people lived in the Late Cretaceous, about the encounters that could be had, about the epic migrations in search of water. He will explain how he slept, what he ate, even what he dreamed. And together you will discover that growing up is beautiful... but it takes patience!

What does a young herbivorous dinosaur dream about? Find out from the words of Jacopo, the little Triceratops who would like to be big already.

Reasons of interest:

  • An exciting reconstruction of the Lost World, with detailed illustrations and lively descriptions based on the latest scientific discoveries.
  • An engaging story of daily life, growth and discovery, full of ideas related to childhood.
  • Simple but precise information on Late Cretaceous fauna and horned herbivorous dinosaurs.
  • Panoramic scenes, animated settings and pop ups that make the emotion of discovery more intense.
  • Size: 20 × 27 cm
  • Open size 20 × 54 cm
  • 8 double pages open
  • With 8 Pop Ups
  • 4-color print on hardback
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 431 3