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Itadakimasu - Japan at the table


A fun guide to discovering the pleasures of Japanese cuisine, with original ideas and hilarious new advice. From proper technique for using chopsticks to etiquette for eating soup, author Betty Reynolds includes mini-lessons on Japanese cuisine. From world-famous sushi to deadly fugu, everything is explained clearly and humorously in this richly illustrated sketchbook with engaging text.

Reasons of interest:

  • Discovering Japan at the table
  • A richly illustrated book that presents traditional Japanese cuisine in an original and entertaining way
  • A practical guide for those visiting Japan for the first time, but also for more experienced travellers
  • The perfect book for fans of the Land of the Rising Sun

Size: 23.5 × 21 cm
Number of pages: 74
ISBN: 9782889750962
April 28, 2023

BETTY REYNOLDS left a career as a creative consultant and art director in the advertising industry to accompany her husband to Asia. They moved first to Singapore and then to Tokyo, where they lived for seven years. He now splits his time between Philadelphia, PA and Orcas Island, WA, but his heart remains in Japan.