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Beauty and the Beast in origami

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Boards with illustrations in a highly original style accompany young readers through the mysterious rooms of the great castle which is the backdrop to the events of Beauty and a mysterious prince, transformed by a spell into a Beast. In a selection of episodes adapted from the most famous version of this unforgettable fairy tale, the main characters and objects that animate the story come to life in origami models designed by a great Italian master, easy to make and suitable for children and beginner adults. By folding a simple sheet of paper, it will be possible to recreate all the curious protagonists of this exciting tale, which will unfold in fairy-tale atmospheres until the inevitable happy ending: Beauty will promise eternal love to Beast, who will thus return to being a prince. And the terrible spell will be broken forever.

Reasons of interest:

  • Beauty and the Beast, the fairy and the castle, the carriage and the rose... all the magic of this timeless story comes to life through fantastic origami
  • Easy, kid-friendly patterns illustrated by diagrams with step-by-step instructions and videos
  • 45 illustrated sheets of origami paper, all in large format: fun guaranteed!
  • In the same series, the two successful titles: The Fables of La Fontaine and Alice in Wonderland
  • 22.5×30cm
  • 120 pages 4 color printing Hardback
  • 45 sheets of origami paper size: 21 × 21 cm
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 120 6

JEANNE-MARIE LEPRINCE DE BEAUMONT (1711-1780) was the author of many children's classics – stories, fairy tales and treatises aimed at educating the little ones – published in the Magasin des enfants (1757). She is famous for the reworking of an ancient popular fairy tale from which she derived her famous version of Beauty and the Beast, the text of which had previously been collected and written down by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve (1695-1755) .