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The galaxy in origami - easy and for children

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A book with lots of fun and easy-to-fold origami inspired by stars and celestial bodies, with which children can play while exercising their observation skills. A fantastic journey through the galaxy that will capture the imagination of the little ones, stimulating their curiosity and creativity: the proposed models will guide them to discover the Universe in which we live, providing information on astronomy, mythology or cosmology. They will thus be able to leave aboard a rocket to explore the space around the Earth, among planets, comets and spaceships, pushing themselves to the edge of reality; and even a UFO will sail the sky and will be part of the collection. Each model is accompanied by simple and clear diagrams with detailed instructions and a QR Code to access the video tutorial with the entire folding process. The illustrated cards provided can also be downloaded via link or QR Code and reproduced on the printer.

Reasons of interest:

  • An educational and stimulating book, with 12 easy and fun origami to discover space
  • Models accompanied by video tutorials, diagrams and detailed instructions created by an origami expert for children, author of various best sellers
  • 60 sheets of large format origami paper, some to colour, downloadable via link or QR Code and infinitely reproducible
  • Poster depicting the Universe
  • Even adults will have fun creating colorful figures together with the little ones to create a wonderful galaxy

Box set 21 × 27 cm containing:

  • a 72-page book measuring 20 × 26 cm
  • 4-color printing on hand-made paperback
  • 1 4-color poster size: 60 × 52 cm
  • 60 sheets of origami paper size: 20 × 20 cm
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 129 9

Rita Foelker, writer and journalist, lives and works in Brazil, where she teaches adults and children the art of origami. He has participated in many international projects and his models have been published in several countries and in the British Origami Society magazine. she is the author of various volumes on the subject and for NuiNui she created Magical origami - Easy and for children.
Rita also has a website, Super Origami: