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My first origami school


Here is a new origami title that aims to be the first approach to this magnificent art. An 88-page book dedicated to the little ones, 19 fun and easy-to-fold models and 80 giant cards illustrated in 20 different designs. Thanks to the diagrams and video tutorials, it will be easy to make large origami in bright colors. An extensive introduction explains what the basic folds are and teaches you about the symbols in the diagrams. From the basic folds you can obtain many different models, from the "helmet" fold, for example, you get the pine tree, the swan and the little bird. The sheets of paper supplied, integrated into the book and detachable, are illustrated with 20 different colorful designs. Each design is accompanied by simple, clear diagrams with detailed instructions and QR codes and links to video tutorials showing the entire folding process. The illustrated sheets provided can also be downloaded via link or QR to print them at home and create endless and wonderful origami!

Reasons of interest:

  • The first approach to the world of origami, an educational book that stimulates children's imagination with easy and fun origami
  • Models accompanied by video tutorials, diagrams and detailed instructions created by a great origami enthusiast
  • 80 sheets of large format 24 x 24 cm paper for giant origami
  • For each model, a link from which to download - also via QR Code - the illustrated sheet to print it endlessly
  • Even adults will have fun creating cute large-format origami together with the little ones

Size: 26 × 26 cm
Number of pages: 168
ISBN: 9782889750382
October 28, 2022

RITA FOELKER, writer and journalist, lives and works in Brazil, where she teaches the art of origami to adults and children. He has participated in many international projects and his models have been published in several countries and in the British Origami Society magazine. She is the author of successful books on the subject. For NuiNui he created the volumes Magical origami, The origami garden, The origami galaxy, Relaxing origami mandalas and Nice origami.