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The messy little witch

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Under a large cumulonimbus cloud, there is the village where a family of witches lives: little Agata, her 709-year-old grandmother, her mother and Nero, their black cat. Agata studies witchcraft, but continues to cause disasters and always gets bad grades. On a windy night, her grandmother and mother go out and urge her to be good. The little witch, however, takes advantage of the opportunity to take flight with her broom and take a nice ride in the sky. But here the trouble begins... All sorts of things happen to poor Agata and she tries to get by by putting into practice what she has studied, but her magic formulas are all wrong! Luckily, some mysterious friends will come to his rescue.

Reasons of interest:

  • Lively and highly original illustrations, in a truly magical setting
  • A large format volume with padded hardback cover and an excellent quality-price ratio

27 × 36.6 cm 32 pages
4-colour print HARDCASE with padded cover
ISBN 978 2 88935 111 4

AYANO OTANI is a Japanese illustrator who draws inspiration both from natural forms, with works of absolute simplicity, all played on a lively monochrome, and from the urban environment, with works characterized by greater detail. He has exhibited his works in pencil and watercolor or made on paper throughout Asia, also collaborating with fashion designers from France and other European countries. For NuiNui he created Clemente, the transparent chameleon and illustrated My Dog's Album and My Cat's Album.