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The baby's sound album - new edition


The birth of a baby is a unique and extraordinary event and it is important that every "step" of the child is documented in a truly special way. This album, in addition to preserving photos and memories, allows you to record and listen to the little one's voice, to recall the phases of his growth at any time. By pressing the record and listen buttons located on the themed pages that follow the child's evolution, it is possible to record his voice - from the first sounds produced to the actual words - and then listen to it again endlessly, or choose to cover the recording with a new one, until the definitive one is obtained. Lively and cheerful designs accompany the different moments of the baby's growth. A small and handy album, an original and precious gift idea.

Reasons of interest:

  • Original cover with a special window to frame the most beautiful
    photograph of your baby!
  • Plenty of space available to write notes and links to digital videos or paste photographs of the new arrival
  • 6 “record” buttons and 6 “listen” buttons to preserve the audio and digital memory of the child's first years of life and all the unforgettable moments
Format: 22 x 25 cm
26 pages with 12 buttons for recording and listening
Printed in 4 colors on cardstock
Hardback with microphone, speaker and switch
Replaceable batteries
130 seconds of recording/listening
ISBN: 9782889750474
January 9, 2023