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The atlas of explorations - Men and women discovering the world and the universe


What do you know about the ancient world? Try to discover antiquity in these pages full of amazing surprises! A paper adventure with many answers to intriguing questions, suitable for children... but also for adults. This book aims to tell the story of exploration, from the dawn of man to the immediate future. In the footsteps of some key figures, ancient and modern, it tells how our perception of the known world has changed over the millennia. In the central part of this work there are the challenges, the difficulties, the discoveries, not simply the lives of the great explorers, even if they have an important role in the narrative. A fascinating journey through the world and time.

Reasons of interest

  • The explorations of the first men and the discoveries that made them possible
  • The construction of a world map with details on some countries
  • Great ancient and modern characters, the first space journeys, up to the exploration of the depths of the sea
  • Adventure and fun with graphic, colorful and visually impactful illustrations

Format: 240 × 347 mm
Number of pages: 80
ISBN: 9782889350575

FRANCESCO TOMASINELLI, graduated in Marine Environmental Sciences, worked in Italy and the United States in large aquariums, before dedicating himself to publishing, scientific dissemination and ecological consultancy for companies. For Nuinui he published Insects of the world, Evolution, Man - From the first steps to the evolution of space, Eyes in the eyes and Flags of the world.

IGNAZIO FULGHESU, Graphic designer and illustrator, lives and works in Cagliari. He once played football, but stopped when he realized he would never become like Johan Cruyff. For Nuinui he illustrated The Ancient World – The Book of Whys and Pinocchio from the Pop Up Fairy Tales series.