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Myths and legends of spirits and shamans


Leafing through the pages of this book we will follow an ancient path, discovering fascinating stories whose protagonists are men and women from various parts of the world, united by the ability to enter into communication with spirits or divinities and undertake a "shamanic" journey crossing the boundaries between worlds: through trance, the shaman enters into communication with what is incomprehensible. Point of reference for the community, he is a healer, fortune teller and guardian of ancestral knowledge. Through these tales, taken from the folklore and myth of various peoples, we will discover the stories of extraordinary beings capable of performing an initiation and traveling alongside the spirits to bring back something good for their community.

Reasons of interest:

  • A collection of 16 stories dedicated to the figure of the shaman, the one who acts as an intermediary between the human world and a dimension that transcends our reality
  • A journey across the globe, to discover the differences that enrich and diversify the wonderful cultural heritage of shamanism
  • An extremely engaging read, which shows how apparently different traditions actually have a surprising common core
  • The main key moments in the path of a shaman, whatever his country
    of origin
  • Illustrations by a contemporary artist who interprets the different and varied settings of these stories in an original way

Size: 19.3 × 23 cm
Number of pages: 200
ISBN: 9782889751327
October 20, 2023

MILA FOIS has various works on mythological and anthropological topics to her credit. After obtaining two degrees cum laude from the University of Verona, with a thesis in History of Religions and one in Historical Anthropology on shamanic and mystical phenomena in Eurasia, she dedicated herself to the research and dissemination of these themes. In 2014 he published the first volume of the Meet Myths series, in which he recounts myths and legends from all over the world, from the great classics to lesser-known folklore. He has published historical, fantasy and science fiction novels.

JAMES FENNER is an illustrator and storyteller based in Oregon (USA). He studied 2D animation at the Art Institute of Portland, where he learned to create works of art inspired by the dreams, mystery and dense forests of his homeland. His work was recently featured at the Society of Illustrators' 65th Annual Exhibition.