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Japanese myths and legends - Chronicles of kami and yōkai


Since its origins, the life and spirituality of the Japanese have been shaped by the deeds of gods and legendary characters. The first part of this volume revisits the main foundation myths of Japan, initially handed down only orally from generation to generation, then transcribed and transmitted to the present day: you will thus discover the key elements of Japanese mythology through the deeds of the kami , the Shinto deities, and the many legends that revolve around them, starting with the fascinating myth of creation. The second part of this evocative anthology of 15 stories is instead dedicated to popular stories of spirits and ghosts, monsters and magical creatures, a real literary genre called kaidan , which faithfully reflects all the originality and peculiarity of the spirit Japanese.

Reasons of interest:

  • A compelling collection of 15 Japanese stories dedicated to ancient myths and legends
  • A volume populated by incredible creatures, a fascinating and engaging read
  • A dive into the magic of a mysterious past, an exciting journey into the tradition of the Rising Sun
  • Stunning illustrations by a contemporary artist
  • The ideal book for those who love popular stories of gods, heroes, spirits and ghosts

Size: 18.6 × 22.3 cm
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9782889750641
March 31, 2023

GAVIN BLAIR is a journalist who has lived in Japan for years and is a great expert on Japanese history and culture. A Tokyo correspondent for broadcasters such as the BBC and Voice of America, he writes for various major publications, including The Times, LA Times, Guardian and Financial Times.

JO SALADINO is an illustrator and graphic designer. His creations evoke mythical, spiritual worlds full of brilliant colors, highlighting the most legendary and mysterious aspects of the Rising Sun with contemporary nuances.