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Nasù, Ugly Ugly Beautiful Beautiful

€9,03 €12,90

The monkey Nasù is really ugly: he has a very long nose and, what's more, he is small and very mangy. But even being ugly can sometimes have its advantages...

A talking book, a splendid story

Reasons of interest:

  • By opening each page, the sound automatically starts, with the narration in words and music
  • The spoken story can be stopped at any time using the appropriate switch on the back of the book
  • A prestigious edition, the ideal gift for children between 3 and 8 years old
  • A beautiful fairy tale, the story of a monkey who turns his unhappy physical appearance into an opportunity to embark on a fantastic adventure, meet nice friends and find new reasons for living
  • A book that involves and fascinates young "readers", setting their imagination in motion

  • Format 24.5 × 28 cm - 24 pages and a pop up
  • 4 color print on cardboard
  • Hardback with speaker
  • Replaceable batteries and switch
  • 200 seconds of sound story and music

  • Pham Hoang Giang (Creative Director) Nguyen Thanh Vu (Graphic Designer) 4-Leaf Clover Studio is based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. He deals with graphic design and creative illustration and specializes in children's books and concept design. The studio has published numerous books, including the volumes of the Meet the Animals series, also available in app version, and several works for the Kim Dong publishing house. For NuiNui he also illustrated Shao Li and the Wolf Gregory, Stories of Dragons and Achilles. The dragon with small wings.

  • Carolina Zanotti is a journalist specializing in music and theatre. Passionate about figurative arts, she has participated in various national and international exhibitions. He collaborates with entertainment sector magazines and art galleries. He has written several successful short stories and plays for children. For NuiNui he also created Camilla the plump princess and Giacomo the monster hunter.