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We dinosaurs


A fascinating reconstruction of the world of dinosaurs through scientifically accurate illustrations and compelling texts written in a language accessible even to the youngest.

This book sheds light on the 170 million years during which the Earth was ruled by dinosaurs, here magnificently depicted in spectacular illustrations, accompanied by simple and pleasant to read texts that guide the reader into a magical and mysterious world.

Zhao Chuang's drawings are wonderful representations of the appearance and behavior of these fantastic animals, which the artist takes from the most recent discoveries, making use of close collaboration with authoritative paleontologists. Yang Yang's writings are much more than a mere description: in fact they create a suggestive mix of stories and events, exciting and at times entertaining. The combination of texts rich in scientific but entertaining information and absolutely extraordinary illustrations takes the reader on an exciting journey to discover this mysterious world.

PNSO-NuiNui international best seller.

Reasons of interest:

  • A fascinating journey into the mysterious universe of dinosaurs, an extraordinary book that will amaze both children and adults.
  • Zhao Chuang's art translates dinosaurs, stupendous and fascinating creatures, into evocative images.
  • The texts by Yang Yang, author of children's stories and great enthusiast of the prehistoric universe, drag the reader into a fantastic world.
  • An exciting read and an original gift idea for adults and children.
  • Size: 28.5 × 36.6 cm
  • 244 pages
  • 4 color printing
  • Hardback with dust jacket
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 324 8

PNSO (Peking Natural Science Organisation) has been dedicated to scientific research and dissemination since 2010 through the creation of works of art and illustrated books.

Zhao Chuang, founder and art director of PNSO, is a scientific illustrator whose works appear in authoritative publications such as Nature, Science and Cell. He collaborates with important paleontologists and research institutions (American Museum of Natural History, University of Chicago, China Academy of Science, China Academy of Geological Science and Beijing Natural History Museum), providing artistic support in the restoration of fossils.

Yang Yang, founder and editor-in-chief of PNSO, writes science-based children's stories and is the author of dozens of books funded by the National Publication Foundation. In China his work has been rewarded with important awards at national and provincial level.