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Eye to eye - Lions, tigers and felines of the world

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Symbol of the predator par excellence and synthesis of strength, elegance and aggression, big cats have fascinated and frightened man since our ancestors took their first steps in the ancient savannahs of Africa. Lions, leopards, tigers and jaguars are actually just some of the representatives of a large family, which also includes medium-small sized hunters, no less interesting than their large cousins. Adapted to capture any prey, cats live in every corner of the planet, from the frozen forests of the far north to the driest deserts, from the most remote places to the edges of our big cities, leading a more varied and surprising life than we imagine.

The spectacular illustrations in the book represent numerous portraits of the main species of felines, but also scenes that represent their lives, while they hunt or interact with their peers. The videos selected on YouTube, also accessible via QR Code, will accompany children on an extraordinary journey to discover felines, their behaviour, their habitat and their main characteristics.

Large format tables and simple but informative texts illustrate the main characteristics of the most important species

Reasons of interest:

  • Spectacular illustrations represent felines while they hunt, interact with their peers and other animals and while they look after their young.
  • Extraordinary large plates illustrate the animals placed in their natural habitat.
  • For each species, the common name, scientific name, size and origin are indicated, as well as a caption full of curiosities.
  • QR Codes and links allow you to better understand the details of the behavior and lifestyle of these incredible predators.
  • Size: 26 × 32.7 cm
  • 152 pages
  • 4 color printing
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 446 7