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Origami Made in Italy

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In this beautifully illustrated volume, 10 great Italian origamists reveal their secrets for making fantastic paper creations with an Italian touch. By folding the 20 origami models proposed, of low and medium difficulty, accompanied by detailed instructions, diagrams and links to video tutorials with the step-by-step creation of each model (all also downloadable via QR Code), novices and more experienced enthusiasts they will be able to discover and experiment with the wide range of styles present on the origami scene in Italy today.

The best of Italian creativity in the models of 10 origami artists

Reasons of interest:

  • A book with 20 original models created by 10 Italian origamists, which provides a comprehensive picture of the state of this discipline in Italy
  • High quality images created by Araldo De Luca, world-famous art photographer
  • Diagrams accompanied by captions and video tutorials for each model, downloadable with QR Code or YouTube link
  • A practical box set containing a set of 100 sheets of high quality origami paper in 20 different designs, to immediately test yourself with the models!

Box containing:

  • A 124 page book
  • Size: 18 × 25.5 cm
  • Dutch paperback
  • 100 sheets of origami paper
  • In 20 different fantasies
  • Size: 17.8 × 17.8 cm

  • The 20 models gathered in this book allow you to experiment with the most varied approaches to the art of origami. There are modularists such as Enrica Dray and Francesco Mancini, who propose stars and three-dimensional models with a variable number of modules; authors, such as Vanda Battaglia, Riccardo Colletto, Francesco Decio and Francesco Guarnieri, who instead prefer single-sheet origami and geometric models such as flowers, vases, stars or bricks; finally, figurative authors who present a vast choice of objects and animals, as in the case of Pasquale D'Auria, Roberto Gretter, Federico Scalambra and Luca Vitagliano.

  • Araldo De Luca lives and works in Rome. Over the course of his career, he has created important campaigns in various parts of the world, refining his visual language through the expert use of light to become one of the world's leading art photographers. He has created a heritage of approximately 80,000 images of works of art, now gathered in a digital photographic archive that can be consulted via the internet (