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Extraordinary origami

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With the art of origami, any living form, mechanical thing or inanimate object can be reproduced "in the form of folds", whether they belong to the realm of the abstract or whether, on the contrary, they involve a form of figurative representation: there are no limits to the creativity!

This collection curated by Nick Robinson, one of the greatest living origamists, offers a selection of 20 surprising models from all over the world and designed by some of the most important masters of modern and contemporary origami. Like any original work of art, they vary greatly in style and form, as each embodies an original vision of origami and depicts that particular subject as captured and transposed by the sensibility of a particular artist: from the friendly Santa Claus to the most classic animals such as the frog and the penguin, from natural to geometric shapes, each subject is developed based on the personal interpretation of its creator. The effort to fold these creations will be well rewarded by the variety and originality of the ideas provided in the book.

20 origami by the most important artists in the world.

Reasons of interest:

  • A book that will conquer all enthusiasts, with 20 extraordinary origami pieces selected by a famous master.
  • An unmissable collection, with models designed by the greatest origamists in the world.
  • A very useful introductory section with all the symbols and terminology to help the beginner learn the language of origami.
  • Video tutorials, diagrams and detailed instructions for each model.
  • Box with 100 sheets of high-quality origami paper in 20 different designs with elegant gold and silver details.

Box 19 × 26.5 CM Containing:

  • A 144 page book
  • Size: 18 × 25.5 cm
  • 4 color printing
  • Dutch paperback
  • 100 sheets of origami paper
  • Size: 17.8 × 17.8 cm

By: Nick Robinson

Models by: Thea Anning, David Brill, Román Díaz, Robert Foord, Paul Jackson, Kunihiko Kasahara, Toshizkazu Kawasaki, Michael LaFosse, Jun Maekawa, José Meeusen, Ted Megrath, John Montroll, Francis Ow, Nick Robinson, Philip Shen, Paula Versnick , Akira Yoshizawa