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Pop up deluxe - Yōkai - Japanese legendary monsters


An extraordinary pop up book that transports the reader into the fascinating world of the Rising Sun, to discover the legendary Japanese monsters.
Surprising pop-ups illustrated in an original way come to life, bringing sea monsters, villages, mountains and Japanese houses to life. The splendid illustrations and detailed texts by Matthew Meyer, the world-renowned expert on Japanese yōkai, monsters and ghosts, combine perfectly with the magnificent pop ups created by Sam Ita.
A team effort of two Japanese-Americans: an American living in Japan and a Japanese living in America.
4 spectacular pop up environments - the mountains, the water, the village, the house - animated by yōkai characteristic of each environment.

Reasons of interest:

  • An extraordinary pop up book that transports the reader into the fascinating world of Japanese yōkai, monsters and ghosts
  • On each page surprising pop ups illustrated in an original and scrupulous way, come alive recreating 4 different environments populated by strange creatures
  • Sacred animals, forgotten gods, powerful giants, mutated creatures, monstrous serpents and more... all richly illustrated and meticulously reconstructed in 3D
  • An amazing book for all ages

Size: 23 × 26.5mm
Hardcover 4 giant pop ups with flaps
ISBN: 9782889750269
September 26, 2022

MATTHEW MEYER is an illustrator and folklorist living in Japan. His work focuses on Japanese folklore, particularly yōkai studies. For Nuinui he published Yōkai - The Night Parade of 100 Demons, Hakutaku, Mononoke and Kitsune.

SAM ITA is the author of pop-up volumes dedicated to origami, paper planes and other paper engineering creations. He has applied his talents to publishing, advertising, animation and toy design. His works have appeared in numerous specialized publications.