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#Princesses 2.0

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The Zero Waste Princess is a conscientious young woman who cares a lot about the well-being of nature: as her name suggests, she tries to avoid any waste and not pollute. To celebrate her eighteenth birthday, she organizes a big ball at the palace to which her best friends are invited, each of whom has a particular gift or predisposition: the High Tech princesses (devoted to technology), Mindfulness (a very "spiritual" type , who loves to meditate), Influencer (entirely dedicated to social media, who is always on Instagram) and Chef Stellata (the gourmet of the group).

Each guest brought a gift and one of them, the Off Grid Prince, attracts the birthday girl's attention with his package made with recycled paper: it is a book of photographs with splendid landscapes which, according to him, are destined to disappear in cause of climate change.

The five princesses are very impressed and set off to reach remote and wonderful places, where nature is in danger. They will thus visit fragile ecosystems, which they will ultimately manage to save thanks to their YouTube channel and to all those who, following it, will soon begin to put into practice actions with low environmental impact.

Reasons of interest:

  • A very colorful book, which printing on silver foil makes
    even more precious!
  • The ideal gift to develop awareness and respect for nature in children while having fun.
  • A story that will involve young readers, leading them to discover the beauty of the world.
  • Wonderful illustrations, which, due to their strength and liveliness, will strike the imagination of children and will also appeal to adults.
Size: 24.5 × 33.1 cm
40 pages
4 color print on silver foil
Hardback with dust jacket
ISBN 9782889354498

    Arianna Saviolo is a nursery school teacher specialized in alternative methods such as Bosquescuela, Waldorf, Montessori and Pikler, as well as a yoga and mindfulness teacher for children. She is the author of children's books and collaborates with various magazines and publishing houses in the sector in Italy and Spain. For NuiNui he published The Child with the Geese.

    Erika De Pieri, graduated from the Milan Comics School, has published various volumes and a comic book with which she won the Miro Missaglia award (best author of 2011). Finalist in the "Il Battello a Vapore" award, he collaborates with Atlantyca Dreamfarm and is responsible for the concept of Melowy (2016). His Dinoamici have been published in various countries. For NuiNui he created MiniRock, Sports explained to children, Football explained to children and Basketball explained to children.

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