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Tales of Ancient Egypt - Traditional stories of pharaohs and deities

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A collection of 14 traditional tales from the enchanting world of the pharaohs, translated and transcribed by expert Egyptologist, Paolo Marini, these stories are at once magical, surprising and unique. This is a choice that will allow you to learn about stories handed down from ancient Egyptian "literature". It was not easy to identify them since very often they are fragmentary documents: in several cases, in fact, the beginning or the end is missing (corresponding to the edges of the papyrus sheets or the corners and edges of the epigraphs). Welcome to a world of mystical adventure, where the world was created from the primordial ocean, where the jealousies of the gods cause destruction and pain, but also stories of wonders that occurred in ancient times, epic battles, tales of proud Amazons and of love, for conclude with tales of ghosts and the afterlife.

Reasons of interest:

  • Stories come to life alongside bold, contemporary art
  • The book is part of the same series as Japanese Tales, Celtic Tales and Tales of the Sea
  • This volume will excite enthusiasts of Ancient Egypt and fascinate those interested in the rich history of the culture of the time of the pharaohs.
  • Meel Tamphanon's brilliant contemporary illustrations accompany each story, evoking divinities, wraiths of the underworld, the pyramids and the gold of the pharaohs.

ISBN 9782889750160
October 24, 2022

PAOLO MARINI is a curator and coordinator of the traveling exhibitions created by the Egyptian Museum. He holds a degree in Egyptology and a PhD in History and Oriental Studies. He has worked on numerous archaeological campaigns in Egypt and is the author of articles, scientific and popular texts.

MEEL TAMPHANON completed BFA in Digital Art, Rangsit University, in 2013. He has worked with many clients from various countries including but not limited to Disney, Arm and Hammer, Airbnb, Victionary etc. His working style is multifaceted and personal with color and texture combinations.

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