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Origami boxes and boxes


An origami box is something very simple but unique, which contains all the feeling of the person who packaged it. The satisfaction of using an object or donating it is added to the pleasure of folding paper, establishing a bond between those who create it and those who receive it. With a similar intent, Tomoko Fuse, a famous Japanese origamist, has created 20 original models exclusively for this volume with a wide variety of shapes, some very easy, others a little more complex, all achievable starting from a single sheet. The essential structure of the box is enriched, in many cases, by accessory elements - a reinforced bottom or a divider - to be folded with additional sheets. It will be fun to choose the most suitable paper by thinking about how the object will be used, or the places and people it is intended for.

Reasons of interest:
- How to make small containers by playing with the various types of paper and the different ones
color combinations
- 20 exclusive box models designed by a great Japanese master
- An unmissable book for all origami enthusiasts
- The very useful "origami alphabet", with the explanation of all the symbols used for the main types of folds
- Diagrams with detailed instructions and video tutorials for each model, downloadable with QR Code or link to the NuiNui website

Format: 215 × 266 mm
Number of pages: 120
ISBN: 9782889350735

TOMOKO FUSE discovered the art of paper folding at the age of 7 and has participated in countless events at home and abroad throughout her career. Among the most important exhibitions, Origami Parigi (Paris 1998), Sulla carta (England 2001), the personal Yorokobi (Bauhaus Dessau 2004), the exhibitions created with her husband Toro Toriumi (wood engraver) on the occasion of the centenary of the Friedrich Froebel museum (Germany 2010). For NuiNui he published Fabulous origami boxes to be infinitely modular, Fabulous modular origami and Tomoko Fuse - The queen of origami.