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Sherlock Wolf and the Hound of the Baskervilles

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A stolen present, a fallen birthday cake, a missing waitress and a mischievous ghost... that's enough to unleash the nose of the most intelligent investigator in all of London: Sherlock Wolf, here dealing with the strange and famous case of the Baskerville Hound. Inspector Labrador tells Sherlock that little Timmy Baskerville's birthday cake has been shattered into a thousand pieces and that his present has been stolen. The main suspect is the ghost of the Blue Hound, who has protected the house and the family for centuries, but the astute investigator does not believe in ghosts and together with the inseparable Watson investigates the Baskerville castle: after having listened to the witnesses and also searched the the most hidden corner, detecting even the smallest detail, Sherlock comes to the conclusion that the ghost is not to blame, that it is a simple series of coincidences...

The watercolor illustrations of remarkable pictorial quality, made even more valuable by the book format, will project young readers into the world of Sherlock, involving them in a fun investigation with surprising implications.

A gripping investigation that will keep young readers in suspense...

Reasons of interest:

  • High-impact watercolor illustrations with bright colors.
  • The large format of the volume, with a padded hardcover cover, helps to give prominence to the images.
  • Text with large and easily legible characters, to make reading easier even for the little ones.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Size: 27 × 36.6 CM
  • 32 pages
  • 4 color printing
  • Hardback with padded cover

Marco Furlotti, illustrator and author of children's books, lives in the Apennines near Parma and collaborates with various Italian and foreign publishing houses. For NuiNui he made Una notte in musica, The dragon and the little mouse, The carp and the bear, Floss and the pirates' treasure, Stupitopo, The dragon and the little mouse – Adventures in the city, Moby Rick – The white whale and The dragon and the little mouse – Around the World in 80 Flights.