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SHARKS, WHALES AND OTHER GIANTS OF THE SEA - An illustrated guide for children aged 0 to 109


A journey into the fascinating world of the giants of the sea, described page after page through fantastic illustrations, texts and information sheets that will allow the reader to discover the biology and singular characteristics of cetaceans, sharks and other mythical animals, such as the giant squid. This guide takes the reader on a journey through the underwater world to discover the most common species of fish and other marine animals, their habits and their way of life. The book is enriched by a series of introductory pages to immerse yourself in the history of these giants, from their evolution to their most particular characteristics, to practical indications on where to find and see sharks and cetaceans to set off on a fantastic world tour.

Selected YouTube videos, also accessible via QR Code, will take children on an extraordinary underwater journey, to observe fish in their habitat as if they were in a real dive.

Reasons of interest:

  • Illustrations of great visual impact accompanied by clear and exhaustive texts, full of interesting information and curiosities
  • For each subject, the common name and scientific name, size, diet and geographical area in which it is widespread are indicated
  • QR Codes and links allow access to spectacular videos, thanks to which it is possible to delve into the behavior and lifestyle of many giants of the sea in detail
  • An easy to consult guide, thanks to its practical format

Format: 154 × 217 mm
Number of pages: 272
ISBN 9782889359202

Angelo Mojetta, marine biologist, collaborates with television networks and nature and diving magazines (National Geographic, La magazine della Natura, AQVA, Oasis, Sub, Airone) and is the author of over 350 articles and books. He won the award for best guide to the underwater world at the World Underwater Image Festival in Antibes (1997) and the Golden Trident of the International Academy of Underwater Sciences and Techniques (2012).

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