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Monster stories

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Bloodcurdling screams in the closet? Scary creatures under the bed? Hairy beings in the jam jar? No fear!

Giacomo, the monster hunter, will teach you how to get rid of them. All you need to do is pronounce the magic formula: “Giacomo is needed here!” and in a moment he will come to your aid. Three extraordinary pop ups (the work of one of the most famous paper industry engineers in the world) depict in 3D as many monsters with the most varied shapes and colours: the Sock Monster with many feet, the "terrible" Chocolate Monster and the colorful Chocolate Monster. Minestrone.

Reasons of interest:

  • Three fascinating stories of monsters, different and mysterious!
  • Three cute and colorful characters, made even more real in children's imaginations by David Hawcock's wonderful pop-ups.
  • A magical fairy tale to let the imagination fly and also give a strong message to the little ones.
  • A colorful, fun and at the same time educational book.
  • Size: 23.5 × 26.6 cm
  • 11 double pages open with 3 pop-ups
  • Open format 46 × 26 cm horizontal
  • 4 color print on hardback
  • ISBN 978 2 88935 265 4

Carolina Zanotti, journalist specializing in music and theatre, collaborates with magazines in the entertainment sector and has written various children's stories. For NuiNui he created Camilla the plump princess, Hide... monsters!!, Nasù. Ugly Ugly Beautiful Beautiful, Mario and the Aliens and, with Giancarlo Macrì, Puntino, Terra and The Wall.

The Studio is an atelier that deals with graphic design and creative illustration, specializing in children's books and concept design. It is based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (lá means “leaf” in Vietnamese).