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Switzerland - the book of whys


Why is Geneva famous? Do you know how many languages ​​are spoken in Switzerland? Why are Swiss watches famous all over the world? Do you know the history of cheese? These and many other questions will be answered in the book which contains 68 animations and 63 questions.

A volume full of questions and answers, to learn everything there is to know about Switzerland, opening windows and moving paper contraptions, a fun and educational adventure! Geneva, Bern, Fribourg, but also skiing, chocolate, castles, many colorful illustrations and many curious facts to delve deeper into the various topics, enriched by spectacular animations, will project young readers into the fantastic world of Switzerland, making these books a stimulating reading as well as a fun opportunity to play. 68

Animations: windows, mini pop ups, up and down, rotating wheels.

Reasons of interest:

  • A book with 68 animations and 63 questions to learn about Switzerland in an educational but fun way.
  • Windows, small pop ups, ups and downs, wheels, the best of paper engineering in a single exceptional book.
  • The pleasure of learning everything, absolutely everything, about Switzerland, through simple and complete texts.
  • Size: 25 × 25.5 cm
  • 30 pages with 68 animations and 63 questions
  • 4 color print on hardback
  • ISBN 9782889353330