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Yōkai Tarot - Journey of the Soul and Japanese Spirits


The box set contains a book of 180 pages and 78 beautifully illustrated cards, where the incredible genius of Matthew Meyer, world-renowned expert on yōkai (Japanese spirits), combines with the cultural background of Marianna Zanetta. Having dedicated part of his life to various research on Japanese territory, concerning popular religious practices, shamanic figures and cults dedicated to the dead, he combined his passion for tarot cards with his anthropological study, associating a card with each yōkai. The most singular characters and symbols of Japanese spirituality are thus identified with the classic figures of the tarot, which thus appear in a completely new light.

Reasons of interest:

  • Easy and intuitive tarot cards, to find advice at any time, orienting your choices in the right direction
  • 78 beautifully illustrated cards to awaken intuition through symbols and figures of Japanese spirituality
  • A 180-page book with a guide to the interpretation and explanation of the various combinations
  • A world of fantastic and colorful yōkai , beautifully illustrated by the undisputed master of this genre

Size: 12.5 × 17.5 cm
Box containing:
A 180 page book
Format 12 × 17 cm
4 color printing
78 illustrated cards
4 + 4 color printing
ISBN: 9782889751044
June 2, 2023

MATTHEW MEYER is an illustrator and folklorist living in Japan. His work focuses on Japanese folklore, particularly yōkai studies. For Nuinui he published Y ōkai - The night parade of 100 demons, Hakutaku and Mononoke.

MARIANNA ZANETTA has a PhD in Anthropology of Religions and Far Eastern Studies. He has conducted several field research in Japan since 2012, with particular attention to popular religious practices, shamanic figures and cults dedicated to the deceased. Since 2017 it has created the Inari Japanese Culture Association to spread Japanese and Asian culture and literature, and collaborates with CeSAO and other local entities for the organization of Japan-themed cultural events and courses. She has a passion for Tarot inherited from the women of the family, and has long dedicated herself - for pleasure and play - to the anthropological study of this powerful tool of introspection.

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