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The gaming evolution - The history of video games from 1958 to today


From Oxo (1952), to Plague, the prophetic pre-pandemic title, the history of video games revolves around the concept of gaming experience: the improvement of immersion (from arcade cabinets to the total involvement of VR headsets) has gone hand in hand with the increase in the computing power necessary to manage the fluidity of movements and scenarios in an increasingly realistic way, with the portability - and consequent miniaturization - of the consoles, with the tactile performance of the controllers, with the improvement of storytelling and the diffusion of online multiplayer. Every stage, every success - but also every failure - have brought gaming into the lives of millions of people, building a billion-dollar business but above all a cultural, social, educational phenomenon, which in its best expressions is worthy of being considered the Eighth Art .

Reasons of interest:

  • A long adventure in the world of video games, to understand how the way of playing has changed, from the first home consoles to the boom of the pandemic period
  • In collaboration with the Videogame Art Museum of Bologna, we photographed many now unobtainable consoles such as the Magnavox Odyssey or the Nintendo Color TV Game 6
  • Suitable for video game enthusiasts, but also for arcade nostalgics and the simply curious, thanks to discursive texts and a parallel with the history of the twentieth century
  • A link and a QR code to selected YouTube videos make the story even more exciting!

Size: 21.5 × 26.5 cm
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9782889750290
October 24, 2022

ALBERTO BERTOLAZZI has collaborated with various newspapers and created numerous illustrated volumes and informative texts dedicated to approaching sport. His debut as a novelist was in 2011, with the title Rugby will save the world.

NICOLÒ MULAS MARCELLO has collaborated for years as a freelance journalist with various local and national newspapers. Passionate about video games since he was a child, he has a collection of around 2000 pieces including consoles, computers, video games and memorabilia. Since 2018 he has been president of the Insert Coin Association which manages the Videogame Art Museum in Bologna.