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Tomoko Fuse the queen of origami


Tomoko Fuse is a famous origami master, a very refined artist who always experiments with new ways in paper folding and who has distinguished herself for the creation of splendid geometric figures, to the point of designing designer objects and industrial artefacts.

For this large-format book with an elegant editorial format, he has selected some of his most spectacular and representative models, authentic works of art created over the years, so beautiful that some of them decorate prestigious public and private environments in Japan and abroad. His intent was to share with others the indefinable beauty that is released from the simple act of folding paper: when the individual fold lines overlap and, as if by magic, unexpected shapes materialise, you feel an ineffable sense of amazement and joy. The shapes come to life almost spontaneously, due to a sort of logic intrinsic to the material itself... And the origamist can truly perceive the world in its completeness through the folds of the paper.

Reasons of interest:

  • A work of great value on origami dedicated to the "queen of modules": Tomoko Fuse.
  • A fascinating journey in five stages through the key aspects of the artist's production.
  • From the study of the three main geometric shapes to a selection of real origami "fabrics" created by joining multiple modules.
  • The techniques of "infinite fold" and modeling through "repetitive fold".
  • The magical relationship between paper and light, to play with shadows just like in a Japanese lantern.

  • Size: 24.5 × 29 CM
  • 224 pages
  • 4 color printing

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