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Tomoko Fuse - The art of the origami box


The sense of two-dimensionality that characterizes the entire artistic expression in Japan is expressed in an exemplary way in origami: from the folding of a sheet of paper - a flat and two-dimensional surface - a plastic form emerges as if by magic, a volume that develops in space. It is from this Japanese sense of form that the art of the origami box by Tomoko Fuse was born and developed. The book collects an incredible variety of models and many accessory elements such as handles, dividers and decorations to be applied on the lid to personalize each creation: from triangular to square boxes, from pentagonal to hexagonal up to octagonal ones made up of even 8 pieces.

Reasons of interest:

  • An unmissable work on the art of creating origami boxes of many different shapes
  • Hundreds of models with diagrams and detailed instructions to guide the origamist's hand
  • The pleasure of choosing the right paper to obtain the most varied effects and use the objects created
  • In the hands of Tomoko Fuse the paper acquires a sublime beauty

Size: 24.5 × 29 cm
320 pages
4 color printing
ISBN: 9782889750283
March 3, 2023

TOMOKO FUSE discovered the art of paper folding at the age of 7 and has participated in countless events at home and abroad throughout her career. Among the most important exhibitions, Origami Parigi (Paris 1998), Sulla carta (England 2001), the personal Yorokobi (Bauhaus Dessau 2004), the exhibitions created with her husband Toro Toriumi (wood engraver) on the occasion of the centenary of the Friedrich Froebel museum (Germany 2010). For NuiNui he published Fabulous origami boxes to be infinitely modular, Fabulous modular origami and Tomoko Fuse - The queen of origami.

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