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Triceratops - The armored dinosaur

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How big was the king of herbivores? Was his skull really 2 meters long? Did it have three horns? The reconstructions of Jacopo, the Triceratops will answer these intriguing questions and many others, for a fascinating journey to discover dinosaurs. In this extraordinary book, which combines scientific analysis with artistic imagination, we will discover everything about the Triceratops, his period, his family, his childhood and his growth. The texts, which arouse a lot of curiosity and information, are accompanied by splendid scientific illustrations of skeletons, muscles and fossils, but also by refined artistic reconstructions with very effective close-ups. Thanks to the spectacular rendering of the large window openings, the large color plates reproduce the Triceratops and its habitat in a very realistic way.

Reasons of interest:

  • The most complex aspects, the most incredible secrets of the mysterious world of the triceratops
  • A fascinating journey to discover the champions of strength and endurance
  • Splendid photographs, fossil evidence, scientific and artistic reconstructions
  • You will discover paleontology through extremely detailed drawings of Triceratops and their environment, which the four-page layout makes even more realistic, projecting the reader into a magical world
  • A book for dinosaur lovers of all ages, a great gift idea
  • Format: 260 × 347 mm
  • Hardcover
  • 56 pages with 15 window openings
  • Open format 960 × 340 mm
  • ISBN: 9782889359189

ZHAO CHUANG, founder and art director of PNSO, is a scientific illustrator whose works appear in authoritative publications such as Nature, Science and Cell. He collaborates with important paleontologists and research institutions (American Museum of Natural History, University of Chicago, China Academy of Science, China Academy of Geological Science and Beijing Natural History Museum), providing artistic support in the restoration of fossils.

YANG YANG, founder and editor-in-chief of PNSO, writes scientific children's stories and is the author of dozens of books funded by the National Publication Foundation.