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Universe - from naked eye observation to the James Webb Space Telescope (new edition)


An accurate observation of the universe, a path that starts from the naked eye and reaches radio telescopes via optical telescopes. The progressive advance of technology has allowed the use of ultraviolet, of unimaginable energy, like mergers between black holes or neutron stars. This updated edition presents a part dedicated to the most recent discoveries made thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope and the spectacular photographs that this extraordinary space telescope has captured, managing among other things to identify the oldest black hole ever observed until now.

Reasons of interest:

  • An updated edition with the addition of over fifty pages that analyze and present in detail all of James Webb's activity
  • Incredible new images of spiral galaxies and the Pandora cluster taken by James Webb
  • An evocative journey into the deepest space accompanied by sensational photographs and explanatory images
Size: 24.5 × 32.3 cm
304 pages
4 color printing
Hardback with dust jacket
ISBN: 9782889751563
October 20, 2023

    MARINA COSTA is a science communicator at the Righi Astronomical Observatory.

    WALTER RIVA, director of the Righi Astronomical Observatory and of the Cosmo magazine, works for the University of Genoa and has been involved in dissemination in the field of astronomical studies for years.

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