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Military vehicles - build World War II vehicles with LEGO® bricks

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This collection includes 14 models of military vehicles from the Second World War to be built with LEGO® bricks: for each of them the technical data sheets of both the real vehicle (how and where it was used, dimensions, technical specifications and so on) and the corresponding vehicle made with the bricks (characteristics, measurements, scale, functions and similar).

The instructions accompanying each model are completed by the list in MS Excel® (.xls) format of the necessary parts and elements. Furthermore, the link and QR Code provided for each subject allow you to download a compressed file (.ZIP) onto your PC/Mac/Tablet which contains: the project file in LDD (.LXF - LEGO® Digital Designer), the “Wanted List” in XML format to be uploaded directly to the marketplace to purchase the LEGO® elements and some images showing the final result seen from various angles. Thus, the reader will also learn all the "tricks" and techniques for building any object with bricks, freeing his imagination to give life to anything he wants!

Planes, tanks, armored cars, submarines and many other models.

Reasons of interest:

  • A collection designed for those who are interested in military-themed creations in LEGO® bricks and are always looking for new projects.
  • A compendium of some of the most interesting and representative military vehicles of the Second World War.
  • An unmissable volume for lovers of this historical period.
  • A practical "dictionary" that analyzes the most common types of bricks and explains what they are called, how to recognize them and how to find them.
  • Step by step instructions, all the basic information, lots of interesting suggestions and useful ideas for customizing the templates.
  • A fascinating book, which combines two of the author's great passions: his love for history and his love for LEGO® bricks.
  • Size: 22 × 28.5 CM
  • 208 pages
  • 4 color printing
  • Flexbound

Chanh Ngoc Truong, born in 1995, is a LEGO® enthusiast and builder. Born in Hanoi (Vietnam), where he still lives, he graduated from the city's Polytechnic and then specialized in 3D modeling at the VTC Academy, an institute specialized in training in subjects related to multimedia production. He indulged his passion for bricks by designing and creating military vehicles and weapon systems used in major conflicts, especially during the Second World War.