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Yōkai - the night parade of a hundred demons



Monsters, demons, ghosts, goblins, mutant animals... Japanese folklore is full of strange creatures that tell of an ancestral universe in which the forces of nature, sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile and threatening, are transfigured by popular imagination into magical beings, who interact incessantly with the world of man.

In the 18th century these mysterious creatures, yōkai in Japanese, were collected, cataloged and illustrated for the first time in an extraordinary encyclopedia of the supernatural, The Night Parade of a Hundred Demons. From the mischievous Kappa, who emerges from the rivers to drag unwary passers-by to the bottom, to the terrifying Oni, who attack humans with their iron club, up to the treacherous Kitsune, the fox who takes on female guise to bring men to ruin , all the most important yōkai parade in this incredible bestiary, which explains the characteristics, behavior and fantastic stories of each one. Evocative illustrations, inspired by ancient paintings, place each yōkai in their natural habitat.

Reasons of interest:

  • An extensive review of all the most important yōkai : who they are and what the strange creatures of the Japanese supernatural do.
  • For each yōkai , a fun illustration and a personal data sheet with description, origin, behavior, diet and associated traditions.
  • A mine of stories, legends, myths that testify to the strong bond of the Japanese people with nature and its elements.
  • How and why the monsters that still populate manga, cinema, video games and the endless world of Japanese gadgets were born.


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